Friendly Fox studio (formerly 4FriendsGames) is a fast-growing gaming company with 8 years of experience that develops games for Mobile/PC/Mac. We create unique and vibrant game content in various game styles and genres to provide the player with an unforgettable gaming experience. Since the foundation, we created and launched more than 30 games that are played and loved by millions of people around the world

Friendly Fox studio is deservedly one of the leading game developers worldwide And now the company is inviting passionate, highly motivated and capable of teamwork candidates for open vacancies. We take our projects very seriously, therefore, we invest enough time in the development to implement our plans at the highest level. That’s why we highly appreciate not only creative ideas, but also patience and perseverance.

If life is a game worth playing, so find a play for every taste.  If there is no such play, create it.

Hidden Object Games made by us:

Living Legends series:

Ice Rose

Frozen Beauty

Wrath of the Beast

Bound by Wishes

Beasts of Bremen

Uninvited Guest

Fallen Sky

The Crystal Tear

Voice of the Sea

Bridge to Another World series:

Endless Game

Secrets of the Nutcracker

Burnt Dreams

The Others

Alice in Shadowland

Escape from Oz

Through the Looking Glass

Gulliver Syndrome

Edge of Reality series:

Call of the Hills

Ring of Destiny

Lethal Predictions

Fatal Luck

Hunter’s Legacy

Great Deeds

Mark of Fate

Immortal Love series:

Sparkle of Talent

Letter from the past

The Price of a Miracle

Blind desire

Black Lotus

Kiss of the Night

Bitter awakening

Stone beauty

Dark City series:


London (F2P)